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Morgan County/Decatur Farmers Market
2019 Vendor Policy 
Selling at the market is a privilege and not a right.

Please read this policy carefully before signing and keep a copy for your records. 

The mission of the Morgan County/Decatur Farmers Market is to enhance sustainability of our region’s farms by providing a venue for the exchange of quality locally grown goods while creating a vibrant community- gathering place. 

It is expected that all produce will be grown by vendor, all crafts will be handmade by vendor, and all processed foods sold will be made by vendor. Vendors must apply annually and submit all required forms and permits with the Market Manager. 

Any vendor wishing to bring additional products(s) not initially listed on their original application/growers permit must submit an amended application with the new product(s) for approval before bringing said product(s) to the market. 

Product Guidelines:

A.Fresh Farm Products: the following local produce and farm products may be sold at the market: vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs, nuts, flowers, plants, honey, eggs, poultry, pasteurized dairy products, and meats. All farm fresh products sold at the Morgan County/Decatur Farmers Market must be grown by the vendor. “Vendor” includes any grower, immediate family members, or employees of the farm. All vendors of farm products must comply with all relevant federal, state, county, and local health regulations and guidelines. 

B.Nursery Products and Plants: Nursery products include all living plants and portions of plants sold for vegetative reproduction. The vendor must propagate all nursery products and flowers from seed or by division of plants or bulbs under the care of the vendor or have the plant in their care for 1 month prior to being sold at the market.  

C.Arts and Crafts: Arts and Crafts vendors must craft with their own hands the products they offer for sale. Used, flea-market goods, manufactured items, or commercial brand merchandise are not permitted at the market. All new crafts will be subjected to a jury process and will be requested to submit a sample photo of their work for review. Review considerations are: craftsmanship, quality, and aesthetic value. The board of directors may place restrictions on some arts and crafts categories to avoid duplication that would in the opinion of a majority of board members adversely affect the image of the Farmers Market.  

D.Home Processed Foods: Prepared food products include, but are not limited to, baked goods, dried herbs and spices, coffee, jellies and jams, and canned goods. The MCDFM does allow the sale of foods prepared in home kitchens that meet Alabama Department of Public Health regulations as allowed by the Home Processed Rule, Chapter 420-3-22-.01 of the Rules of Food Establishment Sanitation. See: 

E.Value Added Products: All producers selling value-added products (including value-added farm products per Alabama Department of Revenue Sales and Use Tax Rulebook, section 810-6-3-.01) are required to collect and submit sales taxes to the respective tax agencies (State, County and City). Vendors are responsible for registering with the city under this license and paying all necessary taxes.  

Food Trucks:$25 every setup
Farmers and Food Truck Fridays: Setup no later than 10:30am. Breakdown no earlier than 1:00pm
Saturdays and Event Days: Setup no later than 8:00am. Breakdown no earlier than 1:00pm
Cancellation must be given 2 days prior to scheduled appearance.  
A No Call No Show will result in not being invited back.
Electricity will not be provided for any food truck.
Please follow all Decatur City requirements & licenses before setup at the Farmers Market.


1. The market facilities shall be opened in the spring as seasonable produce for the area becomes available and will be closed as deemed necessary by the Board when demand and seasonal produce is no longer available. The opening and closing dates shall be set by the Board of Directors and the Market Manager.

2. The market manager or his/her designated agent shall have supervision and control of the activities of the market and all adjoining areas. He/she has full responsibility for making certain that all the rules and regulations as set forth by the Farmers Market Board of Directors are followed by each vendor.  

3. No person shall transact any business as a grower, seller, or lessee at or on the market grounds without paying a rental fee per table or station.  

4. Tables are rented in accordance with Board policy.  
Rental Fee(s):
Daily: $12
Event Days: $15
Monthly: Days open x $15 (to be paid in full on the first operating day of the month)
 *monthly tables are guaranteed on the first 4 tables of either side of the market when you enter*

5. To obtain a permit for selling produce, the following requirements must be met:
a) A valid growers’ permit from the Alabama Cooperative Extension System office in any County. This allows the producer and the customer to be exempt from state and local taxes for goods sold. A copy of the growers’ permit must be provided to the MCDFM prior to the first market attended. All permits must be available at each vendor’s booth in case of on-site inspection.  
b) Furnish proof of liability insurance on each vehicle used at the market. A copy of insurance must be provided to the MCDFM at the first market attended and available on each vehicle brought to the market that is being used to transport products. 

6. A grower may secure an employee or immediate family member to sell his/her produce. Such person should be made aware of to the market manager and must be granted approval before selling.  
a) Employee - Any person employed by a farmer at a regular salary or wage, on either a full or part time basis. It does not include any person who is reselling or whose compensation is based on a commission of sales. 

b) Immediate family- Parents, children, grandparents, or grandchildren of the farmer or a family member regularly residing in the farmer’s household.

7. All produce shall be grown on the farm of the grower and transported directly to the Market. Farm must have sufficient acreage for providing various kinds of seasonable produce during the growing season. Growers who use the Market for sale of produce are subject to field inspections before and throughout the market season, to verify the source of produce offered.  

8. No produce or vehicle is allowed to remain on the Market premises overnight.

9. Vendor is responsible for keeping his/her area clean and orderly daily. Sweep daily around your area and spot mop sticky areas if needed. A dumpster is provided for all trash. Boxes must be flattened before being placed into the dumpster. Any discarded produce must be sealed in a garbage bag to contain odors before being placed into the dumpster. Garbage bags, brooms, and mops are all in the bay area to be used as needed.  

10. All dishonest practices by vendor are prohibited. Any complaint from a buyer to the Manager will be investigated and could result in the vendor being denied use of the Market facilities.

11. All profane, abusive, discourteous, and boisterous language and/or conduct at or about the Market area is prohibited. Speak to customers when they are in front of your table. Do not call customers over until they have reached your “area”. 

12. Use or possession of alcohol or drugs, or gambling at or about the Market area is prohibited. Use of all tobacco products/vaping is prohibited in the Market Area. Smoking should take place on the East sidewalk of the market or the on the West side on the bike path. 

13. Vendors are to dress modestly and appropriately while at the Market or they will be denied the privilege of selling at the Market. All clothing items are required to be worn while selling at the market. Shirts, pants, shoes, and so forth. 

14. The sale of live animals is not allowed at the market.  

Policies and Standards: 

Table Selection:  Each vendor must request a table(s) before 10am on the working day before the next business day if the vendor would like to be put in the drawing. The drawing will take place at 10am on the working day before the following the next business day. Vendors will be assigned a table(s) according to the number drawn from the deck. Special accommodations will be taken into consideration but are not expected to be granted; for example: the shady side. Please call or text to request your table for the day you would like to attend. Monthly tables are assigned first and will remain the same for the full month (even on event days).  

Signage: signage must be no taller than the height of your table if displayed in your selling area. Signage on your vehicle is up to you. Permanent market structures are not to be used for your signage. Extra tables (to sell from) are not permitted. Working tables behind your selling table is permitted.
Display your FMNP voucher sign and/or your home processed food sign in a visible area for customers to see.  

No Show Policy: A no-show vendor is defined as one who does not attend the market when expected, without notifying the Market Manager. It is each vendor’s responsibility to inform the Market Manager of attendance at the market. The courtesy of informing the Market Manager of any known absences allows for smooth set-up of the market, avoiding stress and set-up delays.  
Expected vendors who will be absent must notify the manager by 7am on the day of the market to avoid a no-show violation. No-show vendors will receive a written warning with the first violation. A second no-show violation will result in a $15 fine. A third no-show violation will result in dismissal for 1 month.  

Complaints:  Any complaint made against a vendor from another vendor must be in put into writing and given to the Market Manager. The Market Manager and BOD are responsible for reviewing and resolving complaints. Together, they shall determine what type of investigation, if any, shall be conducted in response. They also have the sole discretion to determine whether or not that complaint will be disclosed to the producer under complaint. Also, the producer under complaint may or may not be given the opportunity to respond; this will depend on the nature of the complaint.  

Farm Visit:  Visit(s) can be held at any time before or during the season that the farmer is participating at selling at the market. A visit(s) will be scheduled at least one (1) day prior to visit. Photos, videos, and paperwork will be filled out and signed if necessary. In the event that the farm is under inspection at the time of the visit and the produce is not likely or noticeably being supplied by the particular farm under question the farmer will be denied usage of the market for (a) One week for the first offense (b) One month for the second offense (c) One full year from the market. 

Electricity Usage: there will be an added $2 charge for any plug in for vendors needing to use electricity at the market. This charge will be added on to the daily table fee at time of payment. This mainly applies to the plug in of freezers for meat vendors. 

Seasonal Saturday Fee:  May thru August (18 Saturdays) $215 including event days. Pay in full by May 3rd, 2019.

Shell Egg Law: Please follow guidelines stated in the Alabama Shell Egg Law. 

Farmer/Artisan ratio: The market will maintain a ratio of a minimum of 65% farmers to a maximum of 35% artisans at a weekly rate. The market manager monitors the overall composition of the market and determines the number of vendor openings available by type. Priority will be given to vendors participating in the market the previous year.

Sampling: All vendors, regardless of product, must meet the health requirements that prevent food borne illnesses. The standard requirements and recommendations for preparation and sampling are:  
1. Preparation of fruit and vegetable samples requiring cutting or slicing should be done on-site immediately prior to consumption.  
2. Clean knives and cutting boards must be placed in protective plastic containers, food storage bags, wrapped in plastic wrap, etc.  
3. Clean equipment must be used to cut product, in-use items must be stored so they are protected from contamination.  
4. Replace soiled knives, cutting boards, etc. with clean items every two hours.  
 5. Use single service items whenever possible.  
 6. Store soiled items in a closed bag or container to avoid attracting insects.  
 7. All fruits and vegetables must be rinsed thoroughly in clean water.  
8. Products may be rinsed or cleaned prior to bringing them to the market. The items should be stored in disposable food bags.  
9. Fruit and vegetable sample servings must be protected from contamination at all times.  
10. Serving must be done in a manner protecting the sample from any bare hand contact.  
11. Utilize disposable gloves, single service utensils, napkins or tissues, or toothpicks are all adequate methods to avoid handling prepared samples. 
12. Any ice used for cooling must be continuously and properly drained to avoid wrapped items soaking in melted ice water.  
13. Canned items (i.e., jelly, salsa, etc.) may be opened one jar at a time and sampled with clean disposable utensils.  
14. Use toothpicks, wax paper, paper sampling cups, or disposable utensils to distribute samples.  

Indemnification:  By participating in the Morgan County/Decatur Farmers Market, all producers shall be individually and severally responsible to the Morgan County/Decatur Farmers Market for any loss, personal injury, deaths, and/or any other damage that may occur as a result of the producer’s negligence or that of the producer’s servants, agents or employees. All producers hereby agree to indemnify and save the Morgan County/Decatur Farmers Market harmless from any loss, cost, damages and other expenses, including attorney’s fees, suffered or incurred by the Morgan County/Decatur Farmers Market, by reason of the producer’s negligence or that of its servants, agents or employees. Producers are liable for their own products. The Morgan County/Decatur Farmers Market shall not be held accountable for the products offered by Producers. Product and liability insurance is the responsibility of the producer. Participant assumes all risk of loss due to fire, theft, weather or other causes of damages or loss. Participants agree to fully indemnify and hold the Morgan County/Decatur Farmers Market harmless from any claims of property damage or bodily injury caused by any member of the public due to the acts or omissions of the participant. There are no other agreements between the Morgan County/Decatur Farmers Market and the participants, whether written or oral, other than the Rules and Guidelines and application of the Morgan County/Decatur Farmers Market.

By signing this document, I am claiming that I have read and understand the rules of the Morgan County Decatur Farmers Market and agree that I, the vendor, and any employee or immediate family member will abide by the rules set forth in this document. Violations of any of the above rules by any vendor, employee, or immediate family member could result in being expelled from the premises and prohibited from future use of the MCDFM.  

Vendor Name: (print) ______________________________________________Date: _________________
Vendor Name: (signed) _____________________________________________

Vendor Name: (print) ______________________________________________Date: _________________
Vendor Name: (signed) _____________________________________________

Immediate Family Member: (print) ____________________________________Date: _________________
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Immediate Family Member: (print) ____________________________________Date: _________________
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Employee: (print) __________________________________________________Date:__________________
Employee: (signed) _________________________________________________

Employee: (print) __________________________________________________Date:__________________
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Morgan County/Decatur Farmers Market
Vendor Application 2019 

Vendor(s) Name: ____________________________________________________________________________
Farm/Stand Name: __________________________________________________________________________
Vendor Type (farm/gardener, baker, artisan, food truck):______________________________
 Mailing Address: ___________________________________________________________________________
Farm Address(es):___________________________________________________________________________
Phone:(1)_______________________________________ (2)_______________________________________
Email address: (1) _________________________________(2)________________________________________

Social Media Platforms: Please list Name of Page and what APP is used 1)________________________________________________________________________________________

Number of Years attended at this market: _______________________________________________________

Days planning to attend market, Circle all that may apply:
MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdayEvent Days

Best way to communicate, Circle all that apply:
Call text email social media

Accept FMNP/Vouchers: ______________

Will you be sending any immediate family members or employees to represent you? If so, please list names.

Emergency Contact and Phone Number: _________________________________________________________

Additional Comments: _______________________________________________________________________

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