Morgan County-Decatur Farmers Market
211 First Avenue SE
Decatur, Alabama  35601
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Regulations Governing the Conduct or Use of the Morgan County / Decatur Farmers Market  2016 Season

Selling at the market is a privilege and not a right.
1.  The market facilities shall be opened in the spring as seasonable produce for the area becomes available and will be closed as deemed necessary by the Board when demand and seasonal produce is no longer available.  The opening and closing dates shall be set by the Board of Directors and the Market Manager.

2.  The Market Manger or his / her designated agent shall have supervision and control of the activities of the Market and all adjoining areas. He / she has full responsibility for making certain that all the rules and regulations as set forth by the Farmers Market Board of Directors are followed by each grower, employee, or approved designated substitute.  

[Note:  Buying produce from a peddler is prohibited]. 

3.  No person shall transact any business as a grower, seller, or lessee at or on the Market grounds without paying a rental fee per table or station.

4. Tables are rented in accordance with Board policy.

5.  To obtain a permit for selling produce, the following requirements must be met:
     A.  A valid growers permit from the Alabama Cooperative Extension System office in any County.

    B.  Furnish proof of liability insurance on each vehicle used at the market.  
    [Note:  An employee or approved designated substitute selling for the grower must also furnish proof of liability insurance on his / her vehicle used at the Market].

6.  A grower may secure an employee or approved designated substitute to sell his / her produce provided such produce is delivered to the Market in the grower's registered vehicle.  A person who is an employee, or approved designated substitute for a vendor can represent only one grower / vendor and the employee cannot sell his or her own products.  
[Note:  Each grower, employee, or approved designated substitute agreement must be approved by the Market Manager in advance].

7.  All produce shall be grown on the farm of the seller and transported directly to the Market.  Farm must have sufficient acreage for providing various kinds of seasonal produce during the growing season.  Growers who use the Market for the sale of produce are subject to field inspections to verify the source of produce.

8.  Sales of produce that are out of season for the Morgan County / Decatur Market area and come from other markets are prohibited.

9.  No produce or vehicle is allowed to remain on the Market premises overnight.

​10.  Seller is responsible for keeping his / her area clean and orderly daily.  A dumpster is provided for all trash.  Boxes must be flattened before being placed in the dumpster.  Any discarded produce must be sealed in a heavy duty garbage bag to contain odors before being placed into the dumpster.

11.  All dishonest practices by a seller are prohibited.  Any complaint from a buyer to the Manager will be investigated by the Infractions Committee and could result in the seller being denied the use of the Market facilities. 

​12.  All profane, abusive, discourteous, and boisterous language and / or conduct at or about the Market area is prohibited.

13.  Use or possession of alcohol or drugs, or gambling at or about the Market area is prohibited.  Use of all tobacco products is prohibited in the Market area.

​14.  Vendors, their employees and authorized designated substitutes are to dress modestly and appropriately while at the Market or they will be denied the privilege of selling at the Market.

Violations of any of the above regulations by any seller, his / her employees, or approved designated substitute shall result in the seller and his / her employees, or approved designated substitute being expelled from the premises and prohibited from future use of the market facilities.

Morgan County / Decatur Farmers Market Board of Directors
Amended and Revised
Approved:  February 10, 2011
Further Amended and Revised
Approved:  November 10, 2011
Further Amended and Revised 
Approved:  February 17, 2015
Amended and Revised: February 11, 2016

Rules Infraction Committee
Morgan County/Decatur Farmers Market

The committee shall consist of three members.  The members will be the market manager and two appointed board members.  The purpose of the committee is to investigate all violations of Market policy and all written complaints.  The committee will notify the person or persons involved in the complaint in writing with a date and time of the hearing.  The committee will meet with the individual or individuals involved in the infraction and investigate the facts in the case. After the hearing, the committee will notify the vendor or vendors involved in the case in writing of the findings.  A copy will be sent to the other Board members with the results of the hearing.  Each case will be fully documented and a file kept for three years on each case.  The documented records will be filed with the Board Secretary.  The case is to remain strictly confidential.  If the committee finds a vendor or vendors in violation of the rules the following penalties will be enforced.

First violation:  One week suspension from the market
Second violation:  Suspended for one year from the date of suspension.

When farm inspections are conducted, two people must perform the inspections (Preferably the Market Manager and a member of the board of directors, but may be 2 members of the BOD) or the Manager and a backup person.  Findings must be documented on the Farm Inspection Form and pictures taken and added to the file for proof of findings.  Farm inspections must be conducted within one week of receipt of written complaint.

The findings of the committee are binding and there is no appeal.

Adopted September 11, 2008
Implemented at market opening 2009
Modified on September 1, 2012
Modified on January 8, 2015
Implementation at market opening 2015
Modified February 11, 2016
Implemented at market opening 2016